12. Blogs and Forums

Anyone who can read your internal blog can also take part in a discussion forum with you, only on this site. They can look at your ‘User Info’ page and see what you've been talking about. External people cannot, and external bloggers cannot interact using pingbacks, trackbacks etc.

There is a facility to run an online forum which we are keen to do, to develop a Caddie Community. This will allow you to reflect and share your thoughts about what you are learning. 

These may not be enabled for all courses.

Forums might feature:

  • Course Q&A—a chance to ask questions about the course.
  • Exploration and research —a place to discuss Caddie and give each other help and hints.
  • Analysis—an opportunity to share reflections, thoughts, arguments, evidence, or ideas.
  • Group work—a work space for discussing a project and sharing files within small groups.

How it works

Messages will remain posted in the forum for participants to read and respond to within a time frame.

When you enter a forum, you will be given the option to add a new discussion or click on an existing discussion to read postings. 

When you have finished drafting your response, click on ‘Submit’ to make it available to others.

During the 15 minutes after you post a response, you may edit or delete your post by clicking on the appropriate link. Note that if someone has replied to your post, you will not be able to delete it from the forum.

New posts will be flagged to you. Click on the subject line to read a post. To reply, type (or paste) your reply in the text box, then click on ‘Submit’.

When you are 'subscribed' to a forum, you’ll receive an email copy of every post made by all forum participants. Click on ‘Manage forum subscriptions’ to subscribe or unsubscribe to multiple forums.

Everyone is always subscribed to the Announcements forum. Your instructor uses this forum to share important information about the course, so you will receive an email each time an announcement is posted. Note: This is not a true forum—it's a one-way tool for teachers to make announcements. You cannot reply to an announcements forum posting.

Tips for posting 

  • Forums may be used as homework — Post early to maximise your contribution to the discussion.  
  • Always review your posts for spelling and grammar. 
  • Be careful with your tone and language—the online environment lacks the visual cues that help us interpret intentions when we discuss face-to-face. 
  • Policies relating to appropriate use and language are also enforced in the Caddie Online Learning site
  • Consider drafting a longer response in a Word document, then copying and pasting it into your discussion text box using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to avoid losing your communication.