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Available courses

To enable Caddie 23 and earlier users to get up and running with the latest enhancements and exciting developments of Caddie 24.

To enrol click on the course title 'Migrating to Caddie 24'.

You do not need an 'Enrolment Key'.  

Once you are enrolled you can dip in and out of the course at anytime. There is no time limit for completing it.

You can watch the video clips and answer the questions associated with the lesson as many times as you want to.

If you want to gain a 'Certificate of Achievement' you will need to complete all of the lessons in each of the modules, achieving 75% or above for each lesson. Once you have done this and completed the 'feedback' you will have access to your certificate.

To enable Caddie 22 and earlier users to get up and running with the latest enhancements and exciting developments of Caddie 23.

Getting Caddie 21 and earlier users up and running with the latest enhancements of Caddie 22.

Getting Started with Caddie is the first course within the Caddie Basics category of online courses. It is aimed at new users to enable you to get set up and drawing as soon as you have downloaded your software without having to wait to attend a face to face course.

If you are an existing Caddie user you will also find the Caddie Basics courses useful to refresh or extend your knowledge and skills to get the best out of all of the features in the software.

Once you have enrolled you will have 12 weeks to complete the course. You will be able to study anytime and anyplace that you have an internet connection and Caddie running.

Click on each module title, watch the video and then answer the questions to complete each lesson. Some of the modules have more than one lesson and practical exercises to complete using Caddie. You must work through each of the modules and lessons sequentially, to complete the course. 

To gain a Certificate of Achievement, each module and the accompanying exercises and questions must be completed. There is a pass mark of 75% and a minimum length of time to spend in each lesson. 

To purchase this course, click this link: Caddie Online Training Purchase.

Once your payment has been processed you will receive a welcome email with an 'Enrolment Key' for 'Getting Started with Caddie', which you will be prompted for as part of the enrolment process.