11. Dashboard

This is your personal page which you can customise and view an overview of your enrolled courses and any outstanding tasks/activities due in the central block. There is a ‘Timeline’ and ‘Courses’ view. 

The ‘Timeline’ view has two tabs:

  • Sort by date
  • Sort by courses

The ‘Courses’ view has three tabs dividing your courses into:

  • In Progress
  • Future 
  • Past

Figure 16

Every user has their own dashboard which they can customise. You can access your dashboard quickly, from the ‘Navigation’ block or if you are logged in, the ‘My courses’ link will also take you to the Dashboard.

Default blocks are:

  • Navigation - Appears on every page of the site. It contains an expanding tree menu which includes the Dashboard, Site Pages, My courses and Courses.
  • Site Pages – It contains an expanding tree menu which includes Site blogs, Site badges, Notes, Tags and Calendar.
    • Site blog
    • Site badges
    • Notes
    • Tags
    • Calendar and upcoming events - The Calendar is one of the more interactive blocks. It allows you to see events created by your course tutors and peers, but it also allows you to add your own entries. This means it can be used as a personal organiser that has the benefit of being accessible anywhere you can get online.
An additional block on the right shows also show the calendar and:
    • Online users - This block shows a list of users who have been logged into the current course.
    • Latest Badges - 
    • Private Files -